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Consultation responses April 2017

Energy UK considers that it is important that Ofgem considers CMP264/265 holistically and looks at the impacts that this decision will have on different parts of the charging regime. Furthermore, the rate and pace of change needs to be considered in light of the need to maintain investor confidence at a time when the energy system needs significant investment. This will help to deliver a charging methodology which is cost-reflective, transparent, stable, and fair.

Energy UK welcomes the opportunity to respond to HM Government’s Green Paper on Building our Industrial Strategy.

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to Defra’s proposals in the consultation document. Our responses to individual consultation questions are set out in this document.

Energy UK and our members welcome the opportunity to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Places, People and Planning. Planning policy is central to the deployment and development of new infrastructure across the UK and it provides an opportunity for the Scottish Government to drive forward its decarbonisation objectives.
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