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Consultation responses March 2017

Energy UK welcomes the publication of Ofgem’s consultation on Standards of Conduct for suppliers in the retail energy market.

Energy UK members are generally supportive of the consultation and the decision to further separate the System Operator (SO) from the Transmission Owner (TO).

We share the Scottish and UK Government’s concern that, without additional controls on generators, there could be potential for a large build-out of unregulated diesel generators with the potential to compromise compliance with short term NO2 air quality standards and delivery of the UK 2020 NOx emission ceiling set under the Gothenburg Protocol and revised National Emission Ceilings Directive. We consider it to be extremely important that the regulatory approach in Scotland mirrors the approach applied in the rest of the UK.

Energy UK and our members agree that the proposed ‘coordinated procedure’ (rather than the ‘joint procedure’) offers the greatest flexibility for developers around the phasing and timing of EIA and Habitat Regulations Appraisals (HRAs). Accordingly, we strongly consider that the coordinated procedure fits best with the development process for the type of large, complex energy infrastructure projects which Energy UK’s members are involved in.
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