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Future of Energy

Energy UK launched our vision of how the industry can deliver the future of energy with consumers firmly rooted in its centre.

Energy is essential for today’s modern life. It provides heat and light for our homes, it powers our businesses, it connects and transports us, and it helps provide our everyday needs. It is also essential to jobs and the UK economy.

The way we consume, generate and transmit power is changing rapidly - as shown by solar providing record levels of power over this bank holiday weekend and the UK recently going three days without any coal generation.

Investment in low carbon and backup generation, nascent technologies coming forward and innovation across the sector is allowing us to reduce our emissions while delivering the transition at lowest cost  to consumers.

Customers now have the choice of over 67 suppliers who are offering a wide variety of innovative products. More and more people are taking this opportunity to switch supplier with 5.5 million people switching in 2017 – that’s around one in every six households last year.

Our vision of a future energy system

“ A low carbon energy system that customers see as fair and which delivers excellent service, choice and value for money to all UK’s  homes and businesses”

Our commitment

Looking ahead to 2028, twenty years after the Climate Change Act was passed, the energy industry commits to a future energy system that:

  • Supports delivery of the UK Government’s decarbonisation objectives and allows all customers access to clean energy for their homes, transport and business needs;
  • Recognises the need for the system to be balanced and diverse, and makes the most of different technologies including large and small generation, demand side response, interconnection and storage;
  • Is smart and decarbonised in power, heat and transport and so is able to deliver clean energy at a competitive, affordable and fair cost to all customers; and
  • Meets the needs and expectations of customers.

Download our vision document for more information.

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