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Generation health and safety

The Generation Health and Safety Forum was established over 10 years ago. Now, we have over 40* members contributing in one way or another to the promotion and development of Health and Safety standards across various electricity generation sites.

This group promotes best practice, offers guidance and monitors our generator’s Health and Safety performance to ensure standards are met and improvements are made year on year in keeping incident numbers low. We, as an industry aim to ensure our employees are healthy and safe at work and this means collaborating with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and industry stakeholders (Energy Networks Association, Trade Unions) to cooperatively work to improve Health and Safety practices from occupational health to asset management.  

We also openly support and commit to the HSE’s Helping Great Britain Work Well strategy.

Industry Guidance

In 2017, the group focused on the following areas of work:

  • Annual benchmarking exercise to determine development and improvement opportunities
  • Safety Rules development and modelling;
  • Setting to Work practices;
  • Switchroom management and training;
  • Asset decommissioning guidance;
  • Generation site fire severity categorisations;
  • Asset management (as part of Powering Improvement);
  • Behavioural Interventions and guiding principles for drivers (as part of the Safety Leaders Group);
  • Key Performance Indicator benchmarking exercise for driver safety (as part of the Safety Leaders Group).

  * Members of the Energy UK Generation Health and Safety Forum include:

Energy UK Small